Est. 1983

About Hollow Hill Event Center

 Discover an exceptional wedding and event venue nestled among the picturesque rolling hills of North Texas. Conveniently situated in Weatherford, Texas, near Azle, our location provides easy access to both Dallas and Fort Worth, offering a breathtaking backdrop for your special occasions.

The Property

Our Venue

Our Team

Meet the passionate team behind Hollow Hill Event Center, established in 1983. 

Bob Gechter | General Manager

Bob joined Hollow Hill in February 2015 as the General Manager. He is a graduate of North Texas University. Bob is married and has two beautiful daughters. Before coming to work for Hollow Hill, Bob worked for Alford Media Services in Coppell, TX. He also worked for George Strait as Stage Manager and George’s guitar tech. Accustomed to large scale productions, he knows how to make any sized event happen without a hitch, which comes in handy as the general manager of the most unique Fort Worth wedding venues.

Bob has a delightful personality and it really shows when taking brides-to-be and other visitors on a site tour of Hollow Hill Farm. If you have not had the pleasure of meeting Bob and experiencing Hollow Hill in person, schedule a visit now!

David & Jean | Owners

David A and Jean Gechter are the owners and operators of Hollow Hill Event Center – and David is the creator, architect and contractor of the facility.

When you first meet David and Jean and hear them talk about “their” brides and “their” weddings you would think they were old hands at running a wedding venue.  But, believe it or not, before 2010 they hardly knew the meaning of the word “venue!”  However, it was only natural they would be good at running a venue given their people and organizational skills.

Hollow Hill Event Center

Our History

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David and Jean Gechter purchased 40 acres of the south part of the Tucker Dairy Farm. At that time Mary Drive stopped ½ mile from its beginning on Veal Station Road.
{April : 1983}

The Beginning

Following the purchase of the property, the next year was dedicated to clearing the land of brush and briars, while Billy Gechter, David's dad, skillfully crafted a road for easy access. As the project unfolded, the first structure to grace the property was a shed, which has since been transformed into the charming dining room of the Event Center.


Work on the Gechter's underground home spanned an impressive 27 years, leading to the birth of Hollow Hill Farm. The inspiration for the name came from a series of books about Merlin the Magician, with one titled "The Hollow Hills," read by Jean during the construction phase. As time passed, additional outbuildings like a lean-to shed and the frame of a barn were added to the farm's enchanting landscape.


After years of hard work, Jean retired from teaching in 2004, and David followed suit in 2008, concluding his flying career with American Airlines. By the end of 2009, their beautiful house was completed, and retirement allowed David to seek a fulfilling hobby. The inspiration for Hollow Hill Event Center emerged when John Knox Presbyterian Church frequented their Hollow Hill Farm for an annual family picnic. Encouraged by members' suggestions, the Gechters embarked on the journey of remodeling the sheds, giving birth to the captivating wedding venue in 2010.

Wedding Venue

In April of 2012, the very first wedding took place at Hollow Hill Event Center, despite major construction still being underway. While a few other events were booked that year, the second wedding didn't occur until March of 2013. However, after that, the venue flourished, hosting approximately 16 more weddings throughout the year, marking the beginning of countless unforgettable celebrations at Hollow Hill.

First Wedding

By 2014, the Hollow Hill Event Center was gaining popularity, and an astounding 70 weddings took place within that year, a testament to its enchanting appeal.


A decade later, Hollow Hill Event Center remains a sought-after destination for couples seeking unique and breathtaking weddings, as well as unforgettable special events. The venue's enduring charm and dedication to providing magical experiences have made it a cherished choice for celebrations. Throughout the years, Hollow Hill has continuously evolved, adding new venue features and earning prestigious awards that attest to its excellence. As a beacon of timeless elegance and personalized service, Hollow Hill continues to be a place where love stories come to life, creating cherished memories for all who step onto its enchanting grounds.