Hollow Hill Event Center

Sprawling Acerage

Hollow Hill Event Center is nestled on a picturesque property adorned with sprawling acreage, creating a serene escape in the heart of North Texas; located in Weatherford, TX. Spanning across lush green landscapes, the property offers charming gardens, ancient oak trees, and enchanting pavilions, every corner of the property presents a perfect backdrop and a captivating setting for weddings, events, and celebrations. 

Hollow Hill Event Center

Unique Features

Hollow Hill Event Center boasts a captivating array of unique buildings and stunning metal sculptures that add to its distinct charm. Each structure on the property exudes its own character and elegance, creating a truly enchanting atmosphere for weddings, events, and special gatherings. With a perfect blend of natural beauty and artistic craftsmanship, The Hollow Hill Event Center offers a truly unforgettable experience for all who walk its grounds.

Ceremony & Reception Space

The Barn

Discover the charm and versatility of the Barn at Hollow Hill Event Center. Spanning approximately 3570 square feet, this iconic space is perfect for weddings, receptions, bands, and dancing. The grand entrance on the south side features large barn doors that can be opened to create a stunning courtyard connecting to Old Town and the Great Room. Inside, the restrooms exude a unique ambiance, with stalls designed in a stable style and sinks crafted from water tanks and porcelain wash basins. The barn loft boasts an exquisite bird’s beak design with doors that open wide, providing a breathtaking backdrop for photo shoots. The track system installed in the barn originates from an old barn in Kansas, reflecting the owners’ roots and adding character to the space with walls adorned with reclaimed barn boards. In 2014, the Barn was expanded to accommodate larger parties, becoming one of the largest barn wedding venues in the Dallas area. Notably, a reconstructed old Dutch timber-framed barn from Albany, New York, was incorporated into the expansion, with the timber sample dating back to 1810—a remarkable piece of history that adds to the Barn’s allure.

Ceremony + Pavilion

The Mission

Experience the magic of dancing under the starry night sky in the spacious open Mission at Hollow Hill Event Center. Designed to offer the best of both worlds, this area provides protection from the elements while allowing you to revel in the enchanting outdoor atmosphere. With approximately 3200 square feet of versatile space, the Mission is an ideal setting for outdoor wedding ceremonies or lively performances by bands. Whether you’re exchanging vows or enjoying live music, the Mission sets the stage for unforgettable moments in the embrace of nature’s beauty.

Hollow Hill Event Center

Outdoor Ceremonies

Hollow Hill Event Center offers a selection of breathtaking outdoor ceremony locations, each providing a unique and enchanting setting for exchanging vows. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, couples can choose to say “I do” under ancient oak trees, amidst picturesque gardens or fields of wild flowers. Tranquil sounds of nature and the gentle breeze create an intimate ambiance that complements the romance of the moment. 

Hollow Hill Event Center

Bride's & Groom's Suites

At Hollow Hill Event Center, we cater to both the bride and groom with our thoughtfully designed Hen House and Bunkhouse. The Hen House offers the bride and her guests a spacious and relaxing retreat, complete with 480 square feet of privacy, a full bathroom with a stone shower, and plenty of mirrors to ensure picture-perfect preparations. Connected to Old Town, it provides a secure entrance for the bride. On the other side, the Bunkhouse awaits the groom and his groomsmen, offering 440 square feet of rustic comfort. With a full bathroom, stone shower, and walls adorned with wood planks from our timber area, the Bunkhouse exudes a classic western charm. 

Reception Space

The Great Room

Experience the grandeur of The Great Room at Hollow Hill Event Center, where elegance and versatility converge. Its cathedral-like ambiance, with a high vaulted ceiling and exposed hammer beams, sets the stage for weddings, corporate meetings, and family events. The connected spacious dining area, complete with a top-of-the-line sound system, creates a combined space of approximately 3000 square feet. 

Cocktail Hour

Old Town

Immerse yourself in the charm of our Old Western Town at Hollow Hill Event Center, enhancing the rustic atmosphere and providing an ideal space for a memorable Social Hour or Cocktail Hour following your ceremony. The cantina deck offers a serene spot to unwind, offering a chance to witness breathtaking Texas sunsets, savor delectable s’mores, and perhaps catch a glimpse of grazing deer in the adjacent pecan orchard. 


The Lodge

Hollow Hill Event Center presents The Lodge as a convenient on-site lodging option for rent, perfect for weddings, retreats, or a relaxing weekend escape. It offers lodging for up to 18 guests, making it an excellent alternative to traditional hotel accommodations, especially when attending an event at the venue. Furthermore, The Lodge doubles as a versatile venue, accommodating gatherings like bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, or meetings for groups of up to 40 guests. 

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At Hollow Hill Event Center, we are committed to providing venue rentals for a variety of occasions. Our goal is to partner with you to ensure your event is flawlessly executed and exceeds your expectations.