Seasonal Wedding Cake Trends

Country weddings can be rustic, elegant, laid back or unique in some other way. If you can imagine it, then your country wedding can include it. What goes better with a country wedding than a beautiful cake for the bride and groom? Over the years, wedding trends have changed, and that includes the cakes also! If you are planning a wedding, here are a few wedding cake trends that you should consider for your country wedding!

#1: Doughnut Cake

If you are looking for a wedding cake that screams simple but still looks elegant, consider a doughnut cake (well, tower). Less expensive than a traditional cake, but it can still look just as divine, your guests will be thrilled at something so different yet delicious. After all, why does a wedding cake need to require a fork or spoon?

#2: “Cheese” Cake

I’m not referring to the sweet and delicious cheesecakes your mom makes. Actual cakes made of wheels of cheese are growing in popularity! After all, not everyone is crazy about sweets, so if you would rather pair your cake with a cracker, “cheese” cake is the way to go. “Cheese” cake pairs well with a rustic wedding! For seasonal wedding cakes with cheese, you can top your delicious cheese rounds with seasonal fruits.

#3: Single Cakes

Of all the new wedding cake trends, simple seems to be the overarching theme! Single-layer cakes are making brides and cake decorators happy with this modern approach to wedding cakes. Since it’s easier to make multiple one-tiered cakes, you can pick and choose between various flavors that you and your bride or groom love, plus some for the rest of us!

#4: Not-So-Wedding Cake, Cake

Not interested in the typical white cake with buttercream? Celebrate your rustic country wedding with a pound cake drizzled with a delicious sauce. If you are looking for ideas for seasonal wedding cakes, consider non-traditional cakes like angel food cake covered in strawberries or pineapple upside-down cake.

#5: Edible Flowers

Traditionally, flowers adorning the tops of rustic wedding cakes are not to eat. The new trend is edible flowers, created to look realistic but taste delicious. For a rustic country wedding, edible flowers can look like the flowers in or out of season, without worrying about wilting.

#6: Greenery

If you are planning a rustic wedding, and you want a cake that looks like it belongs in the woods, this wedding cake trend might be exactly what you are looking for. Wedding cake decorators are making weddings more rustic by plating cakes on a tree trunk server and surrounding the cake with ferns, moss or other greenery.

#7: Dessert Buffet

Why stop at cake when you can have a table of sweet delights for your guests? One new trend for weddings is to opt-out of a traditional wedding cake and choose assorted desserts for your guests. You can choose his and her favorites to let your guests choose from and see whose picks are more popular!

#8: Metallic Cakes

While they can look a little futuristic, metallic cakes are bold, beautiful and in with the new trends! With an assortment of metallic colors to choose from, you can add layers of color to your wedding cake to make it really stand out. Metallic colors can also pair well for seasonal cake ideas, whether it’s copper for a fall wedding or silver for a winter wedding.


If you are planning a wedding and need cake ideas, there are so many new and exciting trends happening. Country rustic weddings pair great with all of these exciting wedding cake trends! For a rustic Texas wedding in a beautiful location, consider Hollow Hill Event Center by contacting us today!